Nails ENP

Nails enp

The ingredients stem: Steel No. 67 according to DIN Germany.

Plating: With zinc plating (ZN) To increase anti-corrosion and anti-rust nails.

Configuration tool tip: Domed.

Soft rolled steel without alloy.

Plated washer:Zinc plating with a thickness of 20 – 10 micrometers.


۱- Cutting stuck with HVB model system consists of a concrete slab ceilings are combined with steel plate profiles.

۲- To connect steel sheet beams, connected to each other and connect sheet steel cutting steel sheets and beams stuck HVB to be used.

Full bracing peg rack level on the stem pin causes the iron in the body.

ENP tools they need to shoot nails:

DX76F15, DX76PTR,DX860-ENP,DX600

Technical Specifications Nails:

During the shoot: ۲۵/۸ mm

Thick stems in part by COG: ۴/۵ mm

Diameter washer: ۱۵ mm

The diameter of the stem end: ۷/۴ mm

The burden alone: ۱۹۰۰ N

Cutting stuck with HVB: 3 to 4 tons per square meter

Nails enp

standards: THIS, ISO9001:2000

Advantages:High load-bearing structure, fast implementation, ease of transportation means in running cost, no risk of rot and rust at the junction of the deck slab beams.


Nails enp

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