Seasoned mm 6/8 × 11


Variety of seasoning used for direct and indirect shot dead Drabzarhay nails in different sizes and with different power levels ( 6 power levels in some types of ) Divided.


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۱- Size: Seasoned mm 6/8 × 11

Seasoned match the firepower to shoot certain types of nails NK,ENK,DN,EDN,TB,… with high accuracy


Ingredient :

The body of seasoning ingredients: Style

Ingredients Streep: Polyethylene, polyamide


The firepower seasoning: According to the following defined color flavoring.

 Product ID Body diameter stuffingHow to Make StuffingColorPower levelThe amount of energy (Jules)50+ -The number on each package
1P68116L27.ShortStrip 10 NumericalBlackthe heaviest600100
2P68115L27.ShortStrip 10 NumericalRedPonderous450100
3P68114L27.ShortStrip 10 NumericalBlueHeavy400100
4P68113L27.ShortStrip 10 NumericalYellowAverage300100
5P68112L27.ShortStrip 10 NumericalGreenWeak200100
6P68111L27.ShortStrip 10 NumericalWhiteweakest120100

Seasoned mm 6/8 × 11Seasoned mm 6/8 × 11Seasoned mm 6/8 × 11

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