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شرکت صدرا فیدار ایرانیان افتخار دارد که از بدو تاسیس با به کارگیری کادری مجرب و بهره گیری از سیستم های نوین تولید و با استفاده از دستگاه آلات تست کیفی با دقت بالا به عنوان یکی ازبهترین تولیدکنندکان محصولات سیستم نوین فستنینگ مانند انواع میخکوب،دستگاه های شلیک Upright, detonators, firing pile construction, Cotter and fusion of cutting-consuming, Bolt Fixing and roll, metal building materials, all parts used in the system MCD ceilings and all tools and construction machinery and industrial raised.
آنچه این شرکت و محصولات آن را متمایز می کند ایجاد همکاری های دو جانبه و طولانی مدت با شرکت های معتبر بازرسی کالا و سازمان های ارائه دهنده استانداردهای بین المللی از جمله شرکت SGS، CE می باشد که با انجام تست های دقیق کیفی موفق به دریافت standard certificates of international organizations intensify, so all goods offered by the company at the highest quality and on par with international brands.
Expert Group Sdrafydar try our newest tool in the design and manufacture of special equipment to the highest standards with the best Iranian brand used to be on the field.
The company's brand products “Husel” Has been recorded and we are proud to have the first totally Iranian brand in the production of these goods (Fastening Tools) Are.
The company not only failed to create the best quality in its products has been . But by creating an interactive communication with the customer (CRM) Try the full support of our customers throughout cooperate.
Relying on these policies are proud to be the largest construction companies in the group have put their colleagues.

According to the company motto of our products has been invaluable peace of mind for consumers is.

Husel = sun

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